094 Brannon Beliso

Brannon, a former recording artist, was traveling through a poverty stricken area of the Philippines.  Amidst the pollution, traffic and garbage, he observed a boy playing in a state of true happiness and bliss, eyes filled with hope. The boy had learned to be happy with life on life’s terms. This experience inspired Brannon to take inventory of his life and feed his soul, instead of his ego.  He shares these powerful nuggets of life wisdom:

– bliss is a state of being
– bliss is not something you chase
– be happy with life on life’s terms
– strive to surpass the conditions of your life
– we all have the opportunity to manifest bliss through meditation and being fully present in the moment
– live in the moment
– practice to be in the moment
– feed your soul, instead of your ego
– your pursuit of inner peace is more important that any external or material possession
– practice an attitude of gratitude
– gratitude helps us stay rooted in the now

Brannon Beliso is dedicated to helping people live their best lives. His passion is to help people and businesses reach their full potential through defining their values, developing their culture, building their brand, creating leadership by example and fulfilling their purpose.  Brannon’s purpose is to “Always being a student and never a master.” He devotes his life to being a better martial artist, mentor, teacher, speaker, writer, motivator and innovator of personal development, life skills education and martial arts based programs.  Brannon humbly presents workshops and seminars with the mindset that we can all always do and better. He is committed to being a student for life and being the best father, husband, and servant to the community possible.



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