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Natasha felt she wasn’t living her purpose or her authentic life. She began trusting her intuition and her inner voice. Natasha left her high paying job and now develops communities to serve others. She shares these powerful nuggets of life wisdom:
– strive to live your authentic life
– when the road ahead is unclear, trust that small inner voice
– strengthen your inner calling, by allowing your intuition to guide you
– intuition is a muscle; the more you practice it, the stronger it gets
– take time to be alone with yourself
– this will enable you to find clarify about your life purpose
– take time to cultivate and nurture your creative side
– everything has its season

Natasha Che is a tech entrepreneur and the founder of Soundwise, the #1 mobile-focused audio publishing platform for experts, influencers and solo entrepreneurs to sell on-demand audios and to leverage their podcast to grow their email list and build an audience tribe.  She is also a personal growth teacher and an award-winning podcast host. She currently hosts the top-of-iTunes podcast, The School of Intuition.  Natasha has coached over 200 experts and entrepreneurs on how to use podcasting to grow their business. She has been featured on Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Thrive Global, YourTango, Elephant Journal, Sivana East, among others. Natasha holds a PhD in Economics from Georgetown University and lives in Washington DC.




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