092 Greg Centineo

Greg took inventory of his life. He realized that everything he wanted was on the other side of fear. Greg jumped over the ‘chasm’. He uses that insight to enable others to go outside their comfort zones, shift their mindset to push their own limitations, face and embrace their fears, build confidence, be authentic, accept their weakness, celebrate their greatness, recognize that we need each other, highlight the importance of the ‘human element’ and grow healthy/positive communities. Greg shares these powerful nuggets of life wisdom:

– everything you want is on the other side of fear
– don’t allow yourself to live within limitations
– find your unique self
– understand your why
– shift your mindset
– to introduce a shift in mindset, study others
– listen to everybody, but follow no one
– our capabilities far surpass what we accept
– be open to paradigm shifts and bigger ideas
– it boils down to what we believe
– business is about you and what you believe






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