098 Jayson Sime

Jayson was raised in poverty, was bullied because of a learning disability, was 75lbs overweight, abused anti-depressants and felt he was wasting his life. Watching his mom raise 6 kids inspired him to tackle his challenges head on and stick with it long enough to succeed. Jayson found yoga and slowly made better health choices. He took ownership of his life. Jayson shares these powerful nuggets of life wisdom:
– spend time on self reflection
– when considering a life change, make sure you know the ‘why’
– if you’re committed, resources will come your way and you will accomplish your goals
– face obstacles with a positive outlook
– start with a baby step and don’t get overwhelmed
– find a mentor
– be kind to others
– give back, as you go through your transformation
– ask yourself “who can I serve today?”
– believe in the potential of others






self-care hacks by jayson sime book

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