106 April Tribe Giauque

April experienced domestic abuse from her former spouse. She learned to recognize, what she calls, ‘pinpoints of light’ (a caring smile from the cashier, an opportunity, a coupon) in the darkness. April started collecting these pieces of light and hope. She successfully escaped the abyss of abuse.

April shares this wisdom:
– there is light and hope everywhere, even in the abyss
– hope is eternal
– we should try to illuminate the light, so that we can become beacons of light to others
– if we can become beacons of light and hope, imagine how many people we can save and rescue

April T. Giauque escaped the abyss of abuse through pinpoints of light. She shares her success story with others to encourage Victims to become Victors, for Advocates to understand their impact, and for supporters to understand their value. April is the mother of nine children and helps the battered, beaten, and broken discover their strength to heal so that they become a beacon of light in life!



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