107 Jane Wyker

Jane was always there for her spouse and her mom. Her external life was so rich, but internal life was aching and empty. Jane wasn’t content. She knew it was time to look inside herself, to clear up conditions, thoughts and beliefs that were limiting her. Also, Jane began to honor her own desires and giving them priority. She learned to let go and began to focus on what she really wanted.  Jane shares these powerful nuggets of life wisdom:

– as children, we are dependent on our parents and conditions
– those conditions depend on time and culture, they impact who we become and who are
– sometimes the things that parents impose on us as children are not aligned with our natural state of being
– therefore, we may have work to do to reclaim who we truly are
– everything on the outside comes from our beliefs, beliefs create our feelings, our feelings create our choices, our choices create our action
– to be truly content, you must be authentic and develop an awareness of what’s inside of you, not what’s outside
– meditate, be still, journal, listen to your inner voice and walk, so that you can learn about yourself
– sustained happiness is result of awareness and willingness to listen to what’s happening inside of you,
– listening to yourself guides you
– everyone deserves happiness
– you need to be conscious to be content

In her memoir, Soul Selfish: The Awakening of a Good Girl, Jane Wyker shares the vast experience of her 46-year inner journey. Working in over a dozen disciplines, she had the courage and faith to follow the guidance of many teachers and, ultimately, her own soul. She models a life prioritizing happiness that sources from within. A graduate of Cornell University and former elementary school teacher, Jane was a pioneer in parent education. This led her to her Family Counseling practice that dealt with marriage, parenting, self-development, career and loss. She presented seminars in Fortune 500 companies, raised four children, managed a thriving career and pursued her own spiritual growth. Jane saw that when selfish enough to live from her soul, love and wisdom flow. She believes that is true for all of us.




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