108 Christa Mastrangelo Joyce

Christa Mastrangelo Joyce

When Christa lost her dad as a teenager, she felt a loss of control and battled with an eating disorder. Her body, mind and spirit felt disconnected. Christa discovered yoga, which made her feel alive and taught her to be comfortable with what is. Today, she creates a safe and trusted space through yoga, where she teaches and empower others to feel whole and united, through unconditional love and acceptance. Christa shares these powerful nuggets of life wisdom:
– be comfortable with what is
– find a trusted space, where you come home to yourself
– get to know all of the wonderful richness that is there to be held
– sometimes, we have to hold the hard stuff
– we are strong
– we are here to live with all facets of life
– be present and alive for all of it
– yoga can enable us to churn out the issues from our tissues
– we are so much alike
– if we can see our bodies in new way, then perhaps we can see all of life in a new way
– enjoy the places of stillness and movement
– keep showing up
– with time and patience, the disconnected pieces in our lives, can become united again
– let go of burden
– let go of stories that do not serve you


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