109 Tina Gordon

Tina was born into a poor family and became a foster child. There was no structure nor stability in her life and she found she needed to adapt constantly to survive. These experiences enabled her to question who she wanted to be. She wanted to have more control of her life. She chose to have a more positive impact on her life, her family and her community. The tools that got her through the dark moments are God, community and family. She is very thankful and grateful for the kindness and generosity of others. Therefore, today, she gives back abundantly to those in need. She shares these powerful nuggets of life wisdom:
– dig deep and decide who you want to be and take inventory of the tools you have to get you through it
– if life throws you a punch, get right back up
– draw your strength from those positive life moments, such as the kindness and generosity of others
– give to those in need
– strive to be positive impact on your community
– there’s always a way
– take ownership of your life
– drop the victim mindset, as it doesn’t serve you
– take inventory of what’s in your control






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