112 Sally Clark


Sally experienced sexual trauma as a teenager. She repressed it, absorbed it and was ashamed of it. Sally felt as if it was her fault. She started on a journey of healing and began to acknowledge what happened. Initially, Sally felt uncomfortable to tell her story publicly. Then she realized … if she couldn’t tell her story, then what message was that sending to others, such as her daughters. Through supportive communities, Sally published her book and became a survivor of sexual trauma. Today, she creates safe, trusted communities, where she empowers women to experience healing. Sally shares these nuggets of life wisdom:
– never underestimate the power of sisterhood
– find a community of women who have your back
– support one another
– practice self love and self care
– as a mother, seek a community to support you in self care, which is also helpful in protecting your daughters
– we can help unload and release pain that others experience
– evaluate pain in safe setting and release it
– honor your body
– practice deeper listening with yourself and others
– consider joining a red tent, which is a women’s tribal community, where people gather, feel safe and can experience healing

Sally Clark is a director, researcher, author and graduate of the Columbia Journalism School. She directed the award-winning documentary Cowgirls and has worked with acclaimed authors and producers, including Naomi Wolf on her book Misconceptions: Truth, Lies, and the Unexpected on the Journey to Motherhood and with Lili Fournier, producer of the Women of Wisdom and Power series. She is also a survivor of sexual assault and has twenty years of experience helping women with similar issues. Her first book, The Way of the Warrior Mama: The guide to Protecting & Raising Strong Daughters, in available now. Sally lives in New York’s Hudson Valley with her family.


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