111 Joe Bernstein

Joe was diagnosed, as a young child, with learning disabilities and was overweight. He decided to transform his life. Joe changed his beliefs, thoughts, actions and feelings. He also unwired his anxious nervous system. He lost 160 lbs and walked away from a toxic marriage. Joe heard a calling to share his knowledge of transformation with others. He empowers and coaches others to look at mindset/emotions and partners with them, as they enter journeys of transformation. Joe shares these powerful nuggets of life wisdom:
– anything is possible
– humans are malleable
– we have the capacity to change and transform
– we’re never truly stuck
– understand your choices and emotions
– navigate with mindfulness of choice
– get emotionally healthy
– what we think is possible, we create as possible
– view your setbacks as catalysts for change in your life
– work on your mindset and emotions
– find a community for change
– shift your beliefs

Joe Bernstein is a personal and professional growth coach. He works with Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Creatives, High Performers as well as regular dudes and dudettes to create growth, transformation and change in all areas of life. Joe’s clients enjoy explosive growth in confidence, boldness and understanding their own value which result in large increases in income, going from zero to multiple dates per week, transforming their relationships with food and body and of course much more fulfilling relationships with friends, family and romantic partners.

Joe also spends time volunteering with Mankind Project, Vets Journey Home, Alternatives to Violence, Showing Up for Racial Justice and is a co-founder of Return to Base Foundation, a pro-bono coaching program for return US combat Vets.






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