143 Alexis Marie Chute

Losing her baby as a newborn really shook Alexis. She pulled away from her art initially. After some time, Alexis made peace with it. She realized that we can’t control all the things in our lives. Alexis feels there is a mystery to the human experience that we should submit to. Her visual art, a safe and healing place, helps her cope with her depression. Alexis shares these powerful nuggets of life wisdom that she learned from her mother and by herself:
– don’t hold yourself back
– strive to have a can do attitude
– drill for oil
– keep trying
– be mindful of the words you tell yourself
– there is so much power in language
– say positive things to yourself
– actively choose who and what you let in
– decide when you open yourself up
– who controls your joy?
– we control how happy we are and the success we experience
– take steps to empower yourself
– live the life you want to live
– make your self care a priority

Alexis Marie Chute is a free-spirited and award-winning artist, author, photographer, filmmaker, curator and public speaker with a tendency to burst into song. She’s a mama bear to four children, but is more like a big kid herself. Often underestimated for her goofy and whimsical personality—she’s been described as “awkward but charming”—Alexis is a ground-breaking outside-the-box innovator, storyteller, and cultural connector.

Alexis endured devastating loss and escaped a cult-experience, only to rise from the ashes as a resilient badass who embraces her (many) flaws and empowers others to joyfully do the same. Proud escape room junkie and underdog, Alexis writes the script for new ways of thinking and being in the world today.

Alexis has always believed there is more to life than what we can see in our daily grind. Schoolyard bullying forced her to understand who she is and what she stands for from a young age. Since then, she’s been on an almost four decade search for meaning. Her adventures have taken her around the world, into temples and churches, between the covers of hundreds of books, in front of audiences as small as one and as large as four hundred, with experiments in as many creative materials as you can name. She is a wellspring of inspiration and energy.

Alexis Marie Chute invites you to live large on a spirit-level and infuse meaning into every area of your life. She encourages creative and mindful living. Join her on this amazing journey.




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