144 Patrick Schwardtfeger

Patrick always wanted to be a speaker, even as a child. Initially in his speaking career, he was struggling and hadn’t turned the corner yet. Patrick thought he had made it, when he was asked to give a TED talk. Unfortunately, his TED talk did not air, because the video files were corrupted. Patrick could have given up, but chose not to. He decided to provide value, content and a service to others. So, Patrick created his own business video blog. Initially, he did not get exponential growth, but he built trust with his audience. With regards to the Covid-19 pandemic, Patrick feels that heroes will be made during this time. New leaders, new personalities and new businesses with bold leadership and willingness will step out and help to redefine the future. He shares the following nuggets of wisdom:
– sometimes the worst news ends up begins the catalyst to the best thing that happens to you
– when faced with a challenge, ask yourself “how can I leverage this current situation”?
– keep at it
– keep taking small steps
– the road to being is through doing
– build trust with our audience
– it boils down to our own perceptions
– try to be helpful to others
– pivot to your audience

Patrick Schwardtfeger is:
– a business futurist specializing in technology trends including big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain
– the founder of Trend Mastery Inc. and host of the Strategic Business Insights video blog
– the author of several books, including “Anarchy, Inc : Profiting in a Decentralized World with Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain”


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