172 Meryl Ain

Meryl Ain (Author of The Takeaway Men)

Having experienced life setbacks, Meryl chose not to allow herself to be stuck or feel like a victim. She reinvented herself multiple times and enabled herself to be empowered. Meryl shares the following nuggets of life wisdom:
– practice the 3 Rs: reinvent yourself, be resilient and stay relevant
– get yourself a project
– nothing is permanent
– everything is temporary
– we are one family of human beings
– we should strive not to treat people as ‘others’
– believe in yourself
– you have to greenlight yourself
– keep trying
– it’s all about perspective
– every knock is a boost
– if you look for it, there’s always something else



Amazon.com: The Takeaway Men: A Novel (9781684630479): Ain, Meryl: Books

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