173 Karen Stefano

While walking back to her university dorm building, Karen was assaulted at knife point. She managed to escape, physically unharmed. However, the assault traumatized Karen. She experienced periods of peace and power, but her life unravelled again, when her marriage was dying, she experienced financial loss and her mother was slipping into dementia. These additional sources of trauma caused her to slip back into anxiety and PTSD. Writing about it required her to excavate and evaluate her feelings. What Karen discovered in the process was life altering and she came to learn a lot about herself. Today, she is a lot kinder to herself and has established better coping mechanisms. Karen shares these powerful nuggets of life wisdom:
– be kind to yourself
– be mindful of the story you’re telling yourself internally
– adjust your self talk to something more gentle
– make necessary life adjustments
– ask for help
– seek therapy


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