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Growing up, Jean didn’t like that her mother was living her life in fear, was always upset, critical and a nervous wreck. So, she made a commitment to herself that she was going to look for another way and live a different life. Through practice and discipline, Jean strives to be in sync with the universe and have an expanded consciousness. Today, she helps people find the light. Jean shares the following powerful nuggets of life wisdom:
– find within yourself that which is magnificent
– identify with something that is greater than yourself
– find quiet serenity
– ask yourself “is that my story or someone else’s story?”
– we have the ability to change our stories
– sit in quiet or be in nature to connect to a rhythm
– recognize our emotional baggage and let go of it
– we are not helpless
– bring our energies up to a higher level
– strive to be grateful
– gratitude is a quick way to move from fear to love
– live your authentic life
– change is the order of the day
– growth means change
– strive to look at change as an adventure

To receive the first 3 chapters of Jean’s book for free, email her at jean@spiritualtransformation.com and mention this podcast interview.


Deep Truth: Wisdom of the Masters - Reality and Illusion by [Jean Walters]

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