219 Phil Goldstein

Phil is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. When he was between 10-12 years old, his older brother molested him, then the abuse stopped. Phil pretended it didn’t happen, didn’t tell anyone, carried it deep down and masked the pain. With the help of therapist, he told his fiance and his parents, who believed him. Phil decided to go public about the abuse, which is helping him to work through the trauma. He hopes that his book can serve as a healing tool for others and shows them that there’s someone who understands their experience. Phil shares the following nuggets of life wisdom:
– it’s ok to speak out
– you can heal
– allow you to live your true, authentic self
– silence about abuse only perpetuates more abuse
– it’s an act of bravery to speak up
– there’s so many different facets to trauma
– forgive yourself for not speaking up
– find a trauma informed therapist
– you are not alone
– it’s nothing to be ashamed of
– it’s ok to tell someone you trust



Phil Goldstein

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