051 Rebecca Whitehead Munn


Rebecca got divorced with two young children.  Her mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  This enabled her to reconnect with her mom.  Rebecca shares these wonderful nuggets of wisdom:   look inwardly, become aware of your fears, face your vulnerabilities, let go, allow life to unfold, enjoy what comes, be in the moment, be grounded and get to know your loved ones.

Rebecca Whitehead Munn is a healthcare change catalyst and value creator, author and speaker. Her goal is to inspire others to be courageous and learn about their loved ones’ wishes, while creating life-long connections. Her debut memoir, The Gift of Goodbye: A Story of Agape Love, was released July 18, 2017. Kirkus Reviews says her memoir “tells of her own journey of self-discovery after learning of a parent’s terminal illness. Rather than give in to grief, she embarked on what she calls a ‘heart-opening journey’, one that she deftly and intensely recounts in this memoir.”


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