198 Spencer Gorman-Prow

Spencer Gorman-Prow - Executive Chef - SaddleBrooke TWO | LinkedIn

Spencer experienced sexual abuse as a child. Initially, he suppressed this traumatic event. He began journaling. As he wrote, the fog lifted and he began a journey of self healing. He was no longer ashamed of it and was not hiding anymore. Today, as a chef, he enjoys working with others and creates a safe space in the kitchen. He shares these nuggets of life wisdom:
– find a trusted person to disclose your pain, your hurt, your trauma
– saying the words is the first first step
– having others hear your ‘truth’ is powerful


Solace in Chaos: A Chef's Memoir: Gorman-Prow, Spencer, Thorsted, Jessie: 9781976714221: Amazon.com: Books

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