224 Rikki West


Rikki, who was not an athlete, decided to join a gym in her 60s and practice kickboxing. The illness of her mother drove a wedge between her and her sister. They no longer spoke to one another. When Rikki found out that her sister had terminal tumors and had only a few months to live, she knew she wanted to be a stem cell transplant donor. Rikki’s meditation and prayer became a symbol of stamina and hope for her family in that trying time. Fortunately, her sister got the transplant, regained health and the cancer was destroyed. Rikki shares the following nuggets of life wisdom:
– life takes courage
– sometimes, you have to train in courage to have it
– sometimes, happiness requires sacrifice
– break out of your limitations
– ask yourself “Why wait?”
– we are not alone
– let go of resentment
– empower yourself
– meditation can help us
– confront places where you feel like a victim
– find someone to forgive unconditionally
– life is rooting for you
– challenge the social conventions



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