140 Colleen Haggerty

Colleen Haggerty

Colleen shares some powerful observations during the current Covid-19 stay at home order. She feels that we’re on a threshold of the past and future, what she calls a “liminal space”. It’s an uncertain and uncomfortable time for some. Somehow, Colleen is able to bring some clarity to the current situation. What I found fascinating about my conversation with her was her ability to help me to see it from the outside looking it. I think you will really enjoy our conversation. Here are some words of wisdom that Colleen shares during her interview:
– we have the opportunity to become more aware of our feelings, our patterns and our distractions
– we are trying to figure out how we can grieve, but yet move forward
– these are unsettling times, which can be exciting times for some
– let’s practice self-compassion, awareness and listening
– we have control of our awareness
– let’s strive to acknowledge our pain and the pain of others
– acknowledging is the greatest gift that we give ourselves and others
– liminal space can be an opportunity to create for some
– we need connection with each other
– some things start slowly, then come more and more into focus
– perhaps, this is a time of preparation
– let’s be as intentional as possible
– let’s continue our daily practices


Colleen is a Soul Tender who works with creatives (those both in and out of the closet!) who want to deepen their relationship with their Soul and their purpose. She provides creative and soul-filled processes that help awaken people to their authentic selves. As a certified Life Coach, trained SoulCollage® Facilitator, published author, and TEDx speaker, she brings a wealth of experience supporting people to use creative practices to integrate past traumas and move into a well-crafted future. Losing her left leg—and nearly her right leg—when she was 17 years old was a defining and formative experience in her life. Being an amputee for 40 years has taught her about many aspects of being human.

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