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Rebecca’s youngest child was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder. She didn’t want others to struggle, as she did. So, Rebecca decided to write a book. She feels that the experience saved her family. Rebecca shares the following nuggets of life wisdom:
– advocate for your own child
– build the right support team
– slow down and focus on what really matters in life
– look at life with an open mind and open heart
– as families, strive to communicate effectively and work together
– everyone gets what they need to succeed
– embrace the change
– there’s no normal

Rebecca Duvall Scott is an accomplished writer, receiving numerous awards throughout her educational career. She considered herself a fiction writer. Then, her son was diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder. She blogged about the ever-evolving research and treatment plan. This gave way to her non-fiction memoir: “Sensational Kids, Sensational Families: Hope for Sensory Processing Differences”


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